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February 5, 2013
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Puma-N-01 by peterku Puma-N-01 by peterku
Concept of futuristic rifle – P.U.M.A

Another piece on the chain. Classic mag I replaced by two energy canisters on the sides. Canisters can operate independently. There is a way to use left, right or both at once They are mounted by pushing inside and turn 90 degrees. Opposite move will reject them out. Each side has display with info about actual conditions. These information is also transferred to digital red dot scope.

As usual I did it in 3ds max. Vray was my rendering engine. Model is fully highpoly. Concept and whole performing are mine.

I did 3+1 pictures:
1. Perspective: [link]
2. Left side: [link]
3. Front+Back: [link]
4. Art lines: [link]

Any opinion? (Tnx for comment if any.)
(Pls, do not copy my work on other side.)
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This is great work you've done here. This piece really looks like a weapon from a hundred years in the future! The canister, while not a totally original idea, is still a great one! And you've given it a unique look to boot! The smooth black metal, lack of rough edges, and print on the side scream high tech. Over all it looks like an amazing multi-purpose weapon, and would probably be effective in almost any combat situation. It looks like you left room for under-slung attachments as well, always a useful feature for a primary weapon. Great Job Dude! :3
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I feel that some of the textures don't match up in resolution, which seems a bit wierd to me. Either tone up the higher quality ones or dumb down the lower quality.

I like the concept, but it seems a bit overly carbon-fibered, where as if I look at the concept art in the corner, I imagine something slightly different.

I know this has already been said, but the holes for handing are a bit small and obscure for basic use.

If anything, I'd like to see the reflecting light not so bright. The darker, black parts seem too shiny, as if they're made of cheaper plastic, and not some material like carbon fiber.
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Very nice, especially the idea of the dual energy-canister magazines.
YungJuni May 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Your guns should either be used in fuyuristic movies or video games like Halo or Mass Effect, I have been utterly impressed with your work so far....
who knows what future brings...
Xhydralisk May 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Looks cool, but maintenance and cleaning look like a bitch. It also looks kinda heavy.
heavyness is my feature I think...
dude youre sick you making such awesoe pieces of work!
:) tnx you man.
I wish I had a patience to make one of those, but I'm too lazy
although the work is comletly worth it!
Reminds me of the Vanu weaponry from Planetside. Really slick looking!
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